The author

Hello there!

I started this blog because Facebook rants annoy me.  Even my own. But people read blogs of their own free choosing and not because their news feeds have been overrun, no?

As an undergrad, I majored in Thomistic philosophy and now work as a critical care nurse. The overlapping of those fields in medical ethics is a special interest of mine.  My passion is the inalienable dignity of every individual human life; I'm a big believer that limited governments best protect that dignity.

I'm newly wed to a former Marine grunt, and I enjoy his stories of naval history and his preparations for the zombie apocalypse. (Girl, if your man doesn't have a plan, don't let him father your children ; ) Meanwhile, he is a most gracious taste-tester for all my culinary disasters and successes.

I write about nursing, life in the deep South, and how I waste my paycheck on clothes I don't need.



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