Monday, May 11, 2015

How does your garden grow

According to Instagram, it's been one month and some change since we set out our plants. This is how we're looking:

This is how we've come . . .

One week in
Three weeks in
Everything in this bed is booming. It's the first one we planted. The tomatoes really shot up; they've got some small fruits on them. The marigolds bushed out. The cabbage plant that simply would not die is actually thriving. 

This bed we laid out a few days later with the same soil ingredients, though we purchased the composted manure (Black Kow) and dirt (Sta-Green potting soil) from a different Lowes on a different day. 

It has really struggled. Funny what a difference there is between the summer squash varieties. The crooknecks are slow growers but they are growing. 

The straight necks are clinging to life. We bought so many seedlings because I thought squash would be easy. 

I see some culling and thinning out in the future. Whatever does survive here is going to need some more space.

These little guys are unidentified growths transplanted from the mulch pile. I'm guessing more squash or some kind of melon. 

And the bionicle super-cabbage. We inherited a large flat full of baby cabbage plants. They stayed in those little cups for weeks until we got around to planting then. Hard to believe they didn't die, especially after we sacrificed them as a peace offering to the baby for keeping his hands off the tomatoes. 

This one was pulled out of its planter cup and lay exposed on the ground for days, its wilted leaves shredded. But it's hanging on. 

'Makes me wonder if we should be eating this stuff. 

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