Thursday, May 21, 2015

fur baby

We've had the puppy for about two weeks now. My first impressions are these:

1) He is a great little dog

2) I'm thrilled we have tile floors

The two babies like each other a lot, most of the time. They just don't know how to express affection appropriately. Bubba thinks a napping dog is the most bear-huggable dog. The dog thinks a chubby toddler is a great chew toy.

Thankfully both are tough little boys.

Bubba wants to lay his head on the puppy and pin him down like a pillow. While I don't want him to actually hurt the dog -- and I don't think he will-- it occurred to me that, perhaps, wrestling down the dog like he does might be his own way of asserting dominance while he still has a few pounds over the puppy.

The puppy, to his credit, has never shown any aggression to Bubba. He just wiggles away. We've also let his meals be interrupted regularly less he get territorial about his food.

The gnawing--on my toes, on Bubba, on my shoes--is pretty obnoxious but I know it's a puppy phase thing. Overall, he is a pretty chill dog. He gets feisty and chewy from time to time, but mostly he just wants to lay down and nap at my feet.

Or pee on the floor. Ugh. My folks have had dogs my entire life but they were always outdoor dogs that slept in the garage. This is just an adjustment I have to make. The other day I found dog hair on the kitchen counter top

: o

The dog has never been on that counter and neither has his toys/bowls/leash etc. The hairs had simply wafted up with the fan draft, I suppose, and settled there.

German Shedder indeed.

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