Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things making me happy this week

Well, what made me happy a few days ago ; )  I wrote but forgot to post . . . 

1) A week of rain and thunderstorms. Everything is so lush outside, and few things are as luxurious as watching a good down pour from your back door with nowhere to go. 

Unfortunately, the garden is swamped. But I hope it'll bounce back. 

2) My smartphone being Facebook and Pinterest free.


I deleted the apps, not the accounts. Because really, one does not need to check one's newsfeed on the hour. Once or twice a week is just fine. 

Also, Pinterest is such a brain drain. I really like it for organizing web links I want to revisit, or for seeking inspiration on a particular thing, say, backyard gazebo designs. 

But far too often I was just randomly scrolling through an infinite number of pretty pictures, which can have the unintended effect of suggesting your own life sucks. When it doesn't. 

3) My patients. Did I just say that? Don't get me wrong: given the choice, I would always rather stay with my boys, but that's not a choice to be had right now. 

Anyway, thankfully I had the honor of working with some simply kind and lovely folks this past week. 

4) Ryan and lil' Bubba. I was having a particularly grouchy afternoon after a weekend of no sleep. Ryan brought some Vietnamese food to the rescue.

And he planted me an herb garden.

This one, with lemon balm, basil, sage, and lavender: you just need to stick your face in and inhale. 

And the little guy. Sometimes babies know best. I was checking something on the computer and getting frustrated. He wouldn't leave me alone, and I couldn't distract him with toys. 

I gave up, gave in, and snuggled him, and everything was immediately better, for both of us. 

5) Filed my taxes. Finished my CEU's to renew my license. BaZINGa!

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