Wednesday, April 1, 2015


My mother's mother died three years ago this day, no joke. 

I'm thinking of all the kind things she did for me when I was a kiddo: the bubble baths, the giant mugs of root beer floats, playing the "Calamity Jane" video again and again, the shopping trip for my own cowgirl hat, letting us sisters have free range of her fabulous closets for dress-up. 

It occurred to me yesterday that the best thing she did for me I never saw--her loving my own mom as a baby and a little girl. 

You learn a lot of things in many places, but you mostly learn from your family how to live. 

I love my son as much as I do because my grandmother loved my mom and my mom loved me. 

The joy I know in loving him, what I experience every day, comes from somewhere a long time ago and a long way back. But Meme is the furthest point I can tangibly reach back to.

Thank you, Meme. 

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