Thursday, April 9, 2015


We talked all winter about growing a garden this year. 

Did we plan ahead? no

Research our plants? no

Build our bed frames [in advance]? no

Save money and start from seed? no

Get something in the ground? Yes!!

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"

Perhaps. But if it all dies overnight, we had fun this day. 

Not that it will. Not gonna let it. Repeating to no-green-thumb self. 

This is the kind of farmers we are: drive to Lowes, buy lumber, randomly pick out veggie plants that "look nice," get a truck bed full of manure and potting soil, go home, assemble in one afternoon. 


Ok, I did put a little thought into the vegetables. I eat lots of tomatoes. So one bed is pretty much all tomatoes. I know squash grows well in these parts (or at least it tends to be the Phoenix of the compost pile) so that's the second bed. 

We inherited a whole bunch of cabbage plants that someone gave my mother in law for her school kids. She didn't see her class having the opportunity to grow them, so now they're interspersed in any remaining spots. We also sacrificed a few to keep Bubba's hands busy and off my tomato plants. 


Wish us luck. 

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