Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'Konmari me

I've been on a bit of a spring cleaning kick this past week. 

Not a binge, just a lil kick. 

My neighbors are cleaning out their garage. 

What's behind spring cleaning? I theorize that the nice weather makes us feel better about ourselves and life and when we feel well, we have more energy and motivation. 

It's not like I have more time now than previously. I mean, yeah I'm working 25 hours a week whereas I was putting in 37+ before Bubba came along. But he more than makes up for that time difference. 

What did I do with myself before he was born? In retrospect I had sooooo much free time to work on pet projects. Instead, in retrospect, I wasted sooooo much time on the internet. 

I recently deleted Facebook and Pinterest apps from my phone. No regrets. 

When my kindle battery recharges I'm going to buy Marie Kondo's book. I've been skimming through a number of organizational blogs but they haven't done much for me. In short, they propose this: 

1) Spend a small fortune on dozens of cute color coordinating containers. 
2) Organize your things in said containers. 

Uh. My material problems run deeper. Or should I say I need more help than that. My thinking about belongings and stuff and necessity need challenging.

I've heard that's what Marie Kondo offers--a philosophy of decluttering. Asking yourself "does this [piece of crap] bring me joy?" "What am I really fearful of in letting it go?" 

At least that's what the reviewers suggest. We'll see. 


  1. Nice! My other theory about spring cleaning is that, after being cooped up in your house all winter, it's filthy. That's the case here for sure. I keep hearing about Kondo but I'm still partial to Organization for People with ADHD. It doesn't have any of that how-to-fold nonsense--just get rid of junk, get a bin, throw it in.

  2. I loved the Kondo book. Best organizational book I've ever read. I highly recommend.