Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Letting go

We had an unexpected treat this afternoon when four friends dropped by our home. I briefly had palpitations because the house was messy. Sooo messy. Not very gross, no mildew monsters crawling out of the bathrooms or anything. Just lots of stuff strewn everywhere.

Ryan and I both have some perfectionist streaks. For two minutes I was initially mad at myself for slacking on the pick up, for not keeping the house in a constant state of guest-readiness.

But fortunately, somewhere amongst the internets I had recently found this little gem (I think on the ModernMrsDarcy blog), and I remembered it:

Hospitality means people leave feeling 
better about themselves, not about you.


This was about connecting with friends I hadn't seen in way too long, not a show-and-tell for my interior decorating.

I just let it go.

Later this evening I started reading "Savor." I think this article on thenester blog and this quote from Shauna Niequist was meant for me today.

"Friendship is God's greatest evidence of Himself here on earth." 

'Feeling so grateful for the beautiful people in our life. I need to not let silly stuff get in the way of them.

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