Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Anniversary to my Mortgage!

I've been delaying this post for a while, waiting for two things.

1) The house to be "done"

2) The house to be cleaned up for its photo shoot

I realized I could be waiting a while. Truth be told, the house gets cleaned fairly regularly. (I did marry a Marine). But it could be ages before I get all the inner furnishings and my "old lady knick-knacks" (per Ryan) and doo-dads arranged how I like them. Plus, I have about zero dollars with which to decorate right now.

Nevertheless, we've come a long way. I can't sufficiently sum up how grateful I am to our family and friends for helping us make this house a home. I feel so at peace here; every day I'm happier we took the plunge on this place.

This is our living room one year ago (!!!) when we bought the property:

Check out that faux wood paneling. 

The back door was all glass panels -- not very secure.

The door way between the mud/wash room and living area was open

So, we said bye bye to the paneling . . .

And our family and friends (mostly my father-in-law) installed new sheetrock in its place.

New, white trim went up.
Ryan painted the built-in shelving to match.

House make-over television shows really irritate me now--and I wasn't even doing the work. They make it seem like throwing a new coat of paint over things is an easy fix. 

(When I just now corrected a typo, I realized "pain" is literally an essential part of "paint." 
Yes indeed. How appropriate)

In reality, those shelves had to been removed, taken into the garage, sanded down, painted and painted over again in multiple coats, & be re-fit into wall (the sheetrock altered the volumetrics slightly from the original paneling). 
All the cabinet doors had to be re-hung and the hardware needed replacement.

The cabinet/shelving job took weeks.

We replaced the ceiling fan with a larger one, 
but moved the old one to a smaller room since it was still functional.

I saw this blog post on Pinterest and it introduced us to heat-resistant Rustoleum.


And now, as it is this very second . . .

The old back door was painted and moved to keep Bubba out of the laundry room- aka post-work decontamination chamber. 

The Dining Room:

Mmm. That carpet  . . .

It was replaced with "Plum Orchard" laminate flooring. 

There was laminate available for about 70-80 cents per sq ft.
But I'm glad we paid a bit more for this pattern ($1.69/sq ft I think). All our furniture is mix-matched, and I thought the multi-toned streaks in Plum Orchard would complement 
both the light and dark pieces.

Really grateful for Anthony's time and help


Room, don't get comfortable 'cause I'm not done with you yet.

Same flooring for the formal living room, now Ryan's bar/library, 
on other side of the entryway:

Ain't it beautiful? I never thought laminate could look so good. 

The Kitchen:

Oh this room sold me.
So much hugeness. I still don't know what to do with all the countertop, especially coming from a rental where we had only about two feet of food prep space.

The kitchen came with appliances in every color: black, white, steel, and yellow.

Maybe one day we'll touch up the kitchen more.
For the meanwhile, it now has recessed lighting, a little ceiling fan, and a new-used dishwasher.

Levolor faux-wood blinds went up.

I really didn't know what to do with the ugly wall paper border, so we just painted it over.

The Nursery

Me, on my due date last year. 
I'm being really helpful, as you can see.

Oh, decisions decisions . . .

New paint. New carpet. New fan. Recessed ceiling lights
 (CFL's? LED's? buying the bulbs was such a big deal, I should remember what we actually got).

And 5 minutes ago. I didn't pick up yet today. Deal with it.

I'm skipping two rooms, but my internet time is up ; p


  1. Beautiful!

    It's true tthose HGTV shows make everything look so much easier than they actually are.

  2. P.S. In the mid-century phase I'm in right now, I love your cabinets and hope you never change them.

  3. What a beautiful job you did. I too did a full home remodel a few months back and it's never easy. I'm loving what you did in your living space. I just love how you kept the natural stone of the fireplace yet painted the built-in shelving white. It makes the room looks so much bigger and much more modern!

    Tasha Reeves @ West Coast Mortgage Group