Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year

I'm so hungry right now. Haven't had a real meal since my packed lunch last night. I could cook something, but the kid might wake up while the range is hot. And I don't feel like leaving something half cooked on the stove, so I'm distracting myself with yuletide rambling.

I rung (rang?) in 2015 at work, trying to chase down my patient's boyfriend so she didn't have to be alone when the clock struck twelve. I checked the waiting room twice while my coworkers counted down the last minute and toasted with sparkling apple juice in plastic flutes.

I didn't find him, but he showed up later and made her whole room reek of weed.

Around 4am I got another chance to pump upstairs in the lactation room. Sometimes it's so lonely up there, just me and the Medela. It's one aisle away from the hospital nursery and right around the corner from where I gave birth.

I hate pumping. It makes me feel like a milk cow and reminds me how far away I am from my little boy.

But on the other hand, it also reminds me I do have a little boy at home, how lucky I am to have him in my life, and how proud I am to feed him myself.

Ryan is out with his cousins right now. Bubba is actually sleeping in his own crib--wonder of wonders. It won't last long, and in about 30 minutes I'm sure he'll wake up and demand I join his slumber party. And bring the boobies, mom.

By the way, here we are last year, just beginning the third trimester.

And this year!

Selfies and babies just don't work sometimes. Not if you're trying to include a good shot of the tree.

Our tree topper is ridiculous. We didn't trim it though. It reminds me of the little dog with the lopsided antlers in the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I'm grateful for my husband doing about 90% of the decorating this year, including hanging icicle lights which he hates. He even remembered to take baby Jesus out of the creche until Christmas day.

I worked Christmas night, which was okay. We had spent Christmas Eve with Ryan's family, and my son had a blast crumpling paper and chasing the dogs as fast as his fat little thighs could take him. That night Bubba had a little Christmas miracle for his momma and slept 6 hours straight.

Christmas morning we had to ourselves. It was lovely.

I just discovered "Hipster Holiday" on Pandora. I changed the name so as not to alarm the man of the house. I'm enjoying it. My three other Christmas stations were getting a bit overplayed, and it's not even Epiphany yet ; )

Looking forward to a few more days like these. Cheers.


  1. So beautiful Lizzie! Love that tree.

  2. Wonderful! I had to work part-time when George was a babe; well, actually, until he was about 6 or 7 - when I had to start really focusing on the care of his dad. At any rate, we had no pumping stations where I worked, so he was bottle fed. :-( Bubba is gorgeous. Your home is SO inviting. Can't wait to see it someday. (I also like Ryan's hair long like that....)
    Love you all! A.A.