Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two Months

So, we've kept a newborn alive for a whopping two months! Yay us!

This little guy is changing so rapidly. Whenever I think there is finally a pattern to his habits, something changes. We have virtually no routine. Some days he decides that bedtime is 2000. Other nights it's not until 2300. For one blessed week he would take a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night. Then he stopped and returned to his 2-3 hour intervals for night nursing.  At least he does seem to have his days and nights straight. He may eat frequently, but he usually stays in drowsy-mode during the night hours. 

He is a man of contradictions. When he was just hatched, it was a struggle to feed him because he was so drowsy. For the first few days we had to really stimulate him to stay awake and nurse: we tickled his toes, swabbed him with cool wet wipes, etc. Now he eats. All. The. Time.  Except for a long nap, he usually nurses every 45-90 minutes. Sunday afternoon he went almost 3 hours--mostly awake--between feedings and I was astonished. Overall, he's gaining weight like a champ, so mama is happy. He's already outgrown a bagful of newborn clothes. 

Meanwhile, I am learning to breastfeed everywhere--on a nature trail, Target, parking lots, restaurants, in the shower--because at some point (maybe 3 weeks?) I realized that if I didn't loosen up my nursing preferences, we would be stuck 24/7 in the bedroom rocker chair. And I would go a little crazy (or more so than I've already become). 

He was originally a hard sleeper. He would sleep fast in the baby swing despite the dog barking or the dishwasher being loaded. Now he's very peculiar about sleep. 'Seems that humans are the only acceptable cribs these days. If the timing is right, he'll fall asleep in his car seat. If the timing is wrong ( i.e. if he's awake and alert), no car ride is short enough : (

He hated having his diaper changed for the first few weeks--'screamed bloody murder. But lately he hasn't minded them at all. He's totally distracted looking at the ceiling lights and around the room. I wonder if his vision is expanding and perhaps that's helped. 'Good thing, because we go through diapers like it's nobody's business. I'm so relieved the ordeal isn't tortuous like it once was.  

I'm also thankful that he tolerates showers and baths well, even when water occasionally gets in his face. I want to bathe him after any social or family event. He inevitably gets passed around and around the room, and he always comes back to me smelling like funky old lady perfume.  

My favorite new tricks of his are the smiles and baby talk. He smiled in his sleep within the first 24 hours of being born. But it wasn't until week 5 or 6 that he clearly smiled in response to a person while awake. The baby talk started about the same time. It's amazing to see such a little guy do such a personal thing. I mean, so much of baby care is centered around the basic body functions. But to hear him purposefully make variable sounds and keep eye contact in response to other persons is sooo sweet. He clearly wants to be part of the conversation! And he sounds like a dolphin btw. 

I'm hoping his next achievement will be making peace with the ergo baby carrier. I don't mind carrying him all the time, but I'd love to have two hands free.  

Month three, here we come . . . 


  1. So sweet. Hope he goes back to sleeping longer stretches!

  2. Now if he could just stop biting his toenails!.....