Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby love

Ahhh . . . I actually have two free hands to type something! Just about all my recent internet activity has been limited to what I can click on my phone with one thumb while nursing. (Basically, I just "like" things I see on Facebook's newsfeed.)

My little munchkin is practically a month old! I haven't picked out his internet alias yet, so for now, here's Bubba:

Bambino's first sunrise

Gory birth story details to come later. Meanwhile, a few things I have been impressed by:

The awesome-ness of my employee health insurance plan. I have a bill for newborn nursery care totalling about $270. Otherwise, my own labor and delivery expenses with a 48 hour inpatient hospital stay has been a big fat zero. Always nice to deliver at the same place you work : ) Granted, that's only the hospital's bill; I haven't been billed yet by my ob-gyn, but I'm still very impressed.

Freshly hatched

How long it's taking to make our new house livable. I'm just not going there, not in this post at least.

How incredibly generous people are to our new family. Also a topic worth its own post.

How often newborns nurse. OMG.

The rapid changes your body can make. Yes, I was fully awake and undrugged when I squeezed this baby out, with the benefit of a mirror down there no less. But even at his tiniest I'm still not sure how he made it out. Also, I put on about 40 lbs during my pregnancy. In three weeks I had lost 30 of them. I know there's a lot of spent water weight and all--and that placenta looked really big--but sheesh. And my normal pants are still boxed and packed away somewhere because I didn't think I'd fit into them this summer. Maybe I won't, but I can't even find them to try on.

With Daddy in postpartum recovery

How strong newborns can be. This little guy lifted up his head on his birthday, and the following day he lifted it and turned to look at someone. 'No small feat considering how heavy that noggin is compared to the rest of him. Also, Dr. Bradley was right: they do crawl for the boob. I mean, he can't truly crawl, but put him on the chest and he will pull and scoot his way to the tit--even if it's behind him where he can't see it (I've heard they smell the milk?). He will make his angry little way, panting and bobbing his heavy widdle head up and down, until he faceplants on top of the boob to feed himself. I should (and almost always do) help him, but I confess I've made him do it himself a few times and watched him like a science experiment. It's pretty funny.

Speaking of those things, they leak like faucets. Or squirt like jets. I had no idea breastfeeding was so messy. Poop has been the least of my laundry woes; spilled milk, rather, is everywhere.

And now: one month into the open

He's waking up. More later. Ciao.


  1. Awwwww sweetie. You dun good - all three of you! He looks like Ryan here - just sayin'! He's gorgeous.
    You are hilarious, too, btw.
    "This things leak like faucets!"
    For Rocky, only my right one "worked" - which was a pain in the arse, 'cause I'm right handed and could do nothing! Not to mention I was/am still "lopsided".

    Loving you all from afar!
    Auntie Al

  2. Thinking of my nephew-in-law today - someone I don't know much about, except that he is courageous, manly, and has good taste in women. God bless you Ryan, and thank you for serving our country. We need more men like you. "Aunt Alex"