Friday, February 14, 2014


Just an update on some exciting things coming down the pipeline . . .

Our offer for the house was accepted, and we expect to close by the end of the month : ) While we won't be able to move right away--there are some major upgrades which need to be addressed first--there's a chance we could vacate our current rental before the kid comes, which would be ideal. Otherwise, paying rent and mortgage simultaneously is going to hurt. Our neighborhood is in a pretty desirable area, so I'm hoping our landlady can easily find another tenant and let us off the hook a bit early. 

Meanwhile, the thought has started crossing my mind: what if I go into labor early? I always presumed I would run late. Everyone in my family seemingly does. But nothing is guaranteed. I just asked my supervisor to schedule me for work through the week following my due date. I really don't want to waste precious FMLA time before the birth (even though the time off would be super helpful in moving). Also, I need every possible paycheck between now and then, so here's hoping baby stays happy where he (or she) is.

And, speaking of work, have I mentioned I absolutely love my coworkers? Sometimes I hate my job. Wait, no--what I hate is not having time to complete my job--but the team on our unit is really the best. They've always been good to me, but their support over these last few weeks and months has been especially kind. The charge nurses assign me the least infected patients on the unit, and, if I want to move or lift anything, I literally have to pull the curtains closed so the other nurses won't see me! They help me out so much already; I don't want anyone feeling compelled to rush in the room and help me turn a small patient. I'm pregnant, not disabled ; ) but their thoughtfulness means a lot. OMG. And they're throwing us a baby shower--on top of everything else. 

My in-laws are planning showers too, and I'm starting to feel like I did when Ryan and I got married: simply overwhelmed (in a good way) by everyone's generosity. We have been blessed with such golden friends and family in our lives. I really don't know where to begin to reciprocate what we've been given.

Speaking of, while I was napping yesterday, Ryan cleaned the whole house. I thought I'd take some snapshots now to remember this place--before everything is disassembled and packed up.

Living Room

Ole' Bob watches the front door, and Old Hickory peers out from Ryan's room

Stonewall stands guard over the alcohol.
My grandfather built this bar out of a ship's hatch and split logs

Ryan's man-room . . .

Dining room

I think y'all have already seen the kitchen. 
And my messy bedroom is not being particularly photogenic right now.


  1. I love that house Liz. You've done a great job decorating and arranging. And isn't it amazing how marriage and babies brings out the most incredible amount of generosity from people?!

  2. Congrats on the new house, Elizabeth! This one is really, really cute too! Love the lighting! BTW - Baby T is on the future quilts list!

  3. Looks great, and I know your new place will look even better! . . . Makes me smile to hear about your co-workers. Also makes me smile to know I won't need to buy you anything.


  4. Love your interior decorating! It's so you! :-) ~T