Saturday, January 25, 2014

A long weekend (and more cheesy bump shots)

Where I am in life right now:

30 full weeks as of today

And my ribs are on fire from this bout with bronchitis. I've been coughing so hard and sound like an 80 year old with emphysema. Earlier this week I called out sick for the second time in my entire nursing career. (Okay, okay. In seven years I've called out four times. But only twice for being sick ; )

And . . .

we're waiting on pins and needles as we wait to hear whether our offer on a first house will be taken.

We found a home in my in-laws' neighborhood that really captured our attention. It's in a great location, the yard is huge (by suburban standards), and its floor plan is exactly what we've been looking for. It also has a considerable amount of upgrading to be done--none of which will be cheap. Our plans for bargaining were sidelined by learning that another offer was being made the same day. The seller's realtor called out all cards and asked for everyone's highest and best offer. So much for negotiating. We're giving our top figure we think we can afford and crossing our fingers. 

I keep telling myself that if it's meant to be, it will work out. And if not, I hope I can maintain some kind of serenity as we go back to the hunt. But I can't lie; it will be very disappointing. This place is in my first-pick of neighborhoods, and the size of the yard is a rare find for that part of town. The next 48 hours will be very telling.

In the meantime, I should be studying or doing the dishes, but instead I'm playing with a faux-photoshop.


  1. This aint your momma's maternity wear. Looking great, sis.