Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh yeah

 . . . the whole pregnancy thing.

This is where we're at, in a nutshell:

~ 20 full weeks and half way done. Very hard to believe. 

~ I could feel the baby moving beginning about two or three weeks ago. At first I thought it was gas bubbles, but nope. It's definitely something different. Just yesterday the movements were strong enough for Ryan to feel them from the outside. When this little guy or gal is really going at it, I can some sometimes visibly see a quick rise / bump up on my bare skin if I'm watching closely. Crazy.

~ That's right. Little guy or girl. They could have told us during the last ultrasound, but we opted to leave sex a surprise.

~ No real bump yet. I know people like to wishfully imagine they're seeing something, but unless I'm wearing something skin tight, there's not much to see. How do I know? Because yesterday I questioned my grandmother who has a penchant for unsolicited honesty. She calls things as she sees them, whether or not you wanted to know you're getting fat. Except in this case I did want to know.

"Grandma, am I showing?" I pulled up my sweater.
"Oh no."

There you have it. And my size 4/6 pants still fit just fine. btw: I have nothing against baby bumps. They are pretty darn cute in my opinion. But it's really obnoxious when preggo women are so excited about all things prenatal that they make mountains out of molehills.