Thursday, November 14, 2013

Feeding Leo

Brrr! 'Fifty-three degrees inside the house this morning. If I hadn't slept so well, I'd probably be under the covers still.

I had a brief glorious vision of making pancakes before Ryan left for class, but alas neither of us got up in time.

So, after he left, I flipped the broiler on and fed myself a toasted PBJ in front of the open oven. Mmm. Sometimes I forget how really wonderful things like peanut butter and jelly are.

Speaking of, I think I've forgotten how to cook.

When we began packing up for our departure from the bay condo--a few weeks before our move--we started eating out more. We were trying to clear out the fridge, and the dishes and whatnot were getting boxed up. So, as a matter of practicality, we ate a lot of take-out. 

Moving into our new [rental] home, the trend continued. Volumetrically, our kitchen is quite spacious. But the counter space for food prep is quite limited. The dish drainer, coffee maker, and toaster oven take up about half the counter. 

Complicating things a bit more is the fact that we don't have a dishwasher. It's not that I mind handwashing dishes, but I had previously taken for granted how much storage space a dishwasher offers. A dishwasher "stores" dirty dishes until you're ready to run a cycle, and it serves as an expansion of the dish drainer while clean stuff is drying. Without a dishwasher, even more counter space is required to stack dirty dishes and dry clean ones. 

And a microwave? We don't have one and, while I occasionally eyeball cheap little ones, I really don't know where I'd put one.

Bottom line, as I have not yet perfected the art of cooking in small spaces, we eat out a lot. I'm pretty proud of sticking to my no-new-clothes resolution, but any potential $$ gain from that little cutback has certainly been negated by my stomach. 

While the food scene here is certainly not like the beltway, it has enough to keep me plenty happy. There's Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, East Mediterranean, Tex Mex, Italian, Soul Food et. al. within a 20 minute drive.

The upside? Eating out is #1 something Ryan and I can do together (whereas he saw no benefit from my ever-expanding wardrobe), #2 it cuts down on dirty dishes needing handwashing, and #3 it takes up zero precious storage space from our closet or bedroom.

The downside? I'm eating away my down payment for a house next year.


  1. There could definitely be worse towns to eat out in than good ol' Pcola.

  2. This house blows a$$hole and it's my fault for saying ok to it. -RCT

  3. LOL! Take a look the old shack we lived in on 77th -off of Jackson on the corner there. Tin roof $70/month - cockroaches and a little ceramic gas heater. No a/c. I think the photo is cute. There's a quaintness about your house! I like it. And I'm sure it will hold lots of memories for you both/all. AA

  4. Of all the things to blow money on, I think food, alcohol and all things convivial carry the least offense.

  5. Are you naming the baby Leo if it's a boy?

    1. Leo is the longtime nickname of my stomach, which once gave me great anxiety by loudly growling at the most quiet, and inopportune of places.

    2. Ah yes, I remember now.

  6. Absolutely not. Uncertain what this title is meant to codify/insinuate, but Leo isn't the male name we have. -R

  7. Girrrrrl! Put that toaster away! As annoying as it seems, counter space trumps the work of getting a toaster out of the cabinet for me. And if you have room for it, a cart for appliances saved my sanity while we were living in the basement.

    I think this is a lovely little kitchen, and I'm sure you've found your groove by now. Adjusting to new space is a bit tricky, but it just takes time for me. I usually wait for things to tell me where they want to be put. ha!