Saturday, November 30, 2013


Last night my patient had specific requirements for her beverage.

"Half ice and half water."

50/50 -- Easy enough, right? I leave the room and go to the unit's ice machine. I fill her a cup halfway with ice and halfway with water.

But no, apparently that was not satisfactory. 

"There's too much ice."
"Hmm. Well, it's the half and half like you told me."
Patient sighs. "Next time fill it up with water first, and then add ice. Maybe then you'll get it right."

Uh, okay. 
Maybe I should tell her I'm a nurse because I flunked airline stewardess school.


  1. Argh. Oh my goodness. And you work with sick people. You can't smack 'em when they deserve it.

  2. no, but you can trip on their catheter tube! ;-)