Thursday, October 24, 2013

s e a s i d e | w e d d i n g

We recently came home from celebrating a friend's really lovely wedding in Santa Rosa Beach. You may have already seen these on Facebook, but for all the non-FB users, these are for you.

Wish I had a close up of the sweet tie clips Craig gave for groomsmen's gifts.
Each was personalized, like Sean's was a honeybee!

The whole trip ended up being a mini vacation of sorts. Ryan had given me about 6 months heads up to request the time off work, so we spent four days out there at the beach house. I think we  I did about 5% helping and 95% lounging by the Gulf. Okay, Ryan helped out much more than I did.

Guys and gals shared a fully stocked party bus for the bachelor-bachelorette night
Sean and Kimmie with us at the rehearsal dinner
rehearsal dinner
arranging the flowers

Everything was pretty in pink, gold, and gray

I also should have known better: October is not too late for a sunburn in these parts. 'Still peeling. And I had been such a good girl with sunscreen over the summer.

My brother in law rocking an awesome suit, compliments of Pawpaw

with his ever lovely Kaley

Nick & Anna always kick things up a notch. So glad they could come in town!

The photographer's blog pictures of the wedding and happy couple are linked here. Kayce was the most beautiful bride ever, and whole weekend was tons of fun, even for a sober woman. No margarita fountain for me.

If you're on instagram, also check out the hashtag #craigandkayce


  1. When I was first pregnant, Uncle George and I went to a lake/beach and I got SOOOOOO sunburned - worse ever sunburn! I found out later that while PG we burn more easily. Who knew? Certainly not I!
    Great time you had it looks like! Love you!

    1. Pregnancy sunburn for me in march! Aaaaawful.

  2. Somehow I missed this earlier. Such beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.