Friday, October 4, 2013

Call of the not-so-wild

Last Saturday I came home from work, ready to sleep the day away--except that the morning was so beautiful, remarkably cool, and dry. I was in the shower wondering how quickly we could throw our camping stuff into the car and hit the park. I didn't think camping was a real possibility though. Ryan is not one to do anything spur of the moment, the house needed cleaning, I had projects for work, and the dishes were piled high in the sink.

But . . .

it was weather to which neither of us could say no.

So in a big flurry we threw stuff together and drove out to Fort Pickens. That's the nice thing about car camping. It doesn't matter if it fits inside your backpack. It doesn't matter if it's heavy. If you can fit it in the car, it's coming with you. So, yes to cast iron skillets and pillows and ice chests.

It was frustrating at first because, not planning ahead and making site reservations, we were surrounded by big RV's and no tree shade. But Ryan threw our tent up and I slept through the sweaty afternoon.

Come night time, it didn't really matter what site we had gotten. The fire was crackling, the sky was clear, and the meteors were streaking.

Hello, autumn!