Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An un-organized person attempts organization

 . . . but, per usual, I'm too lazy to organize my thoughts right now. So hence my next brain-dump:

1) Krispy Kreme's latte machine was working this morning. 1st coffee drink in 3 months--scored!

2) I realized I'm outgrowing my Pinterest boards. Initially, I had only a few things pinned, so it didn't make sense to have more than a few boards (For you non-pinners, "boards" are basically file folders hosted by the Pinterest site for collecting and sharing your pictures and weblinks. Think of a virtual cork or bulletin board.) 

But now, with several hundred pins on some boards, things aren't sorted well. My hospitality board had everything from interior design to Christmas stuff to party decorations to food and recipes. My clothing board had everything from jeans that could conceivably make their way to my real closet to opulent gowns ala Elie Saab that will never, ever have any purpose or place in my life (but they're awfully pretty to look at).

So I was going through a tedious (oh let me wipe the sweat off my furrowed brow) process of re-pinning pins one by one to a new board, then deleting them from the old board. This way also had the downside of forcing my little band of Pinterest followers to re-view pins they had already seen when I originally posted them. Boring.


oh yes. The simplicity of the "edit" button was discovered, and another 1st world crisis was diverted. 

I know, you're thrilled for me. Be thrilled that you don't have to look at all my paper lantern arrangements, again.

3) If I can stay alert, maybe I'll tackle the folders on my own computer and get those sorted out. There are a gazillion pictures and downloads and all manner of things in here that are poorly arranged. (E.g all my document files for school over the last three years are in one folder, rather than each course or semester having its own folder.) I also wonder just when my hard drive will finally, irrevocably overheat. I bought an external hard drive for back-up purposes, and another back-up is sorely overdue.

4) We saw Gravity in 3-D last week. I thought it was a good but not great movie, and I wouldn't have minded saving a few dollars and seeing it regular (2-D?) style--if that had been an option. It was a little stuck between being an action movie and a psychological thriller, and it might have been better if it had leaned more towards the latter. Overall, it was well done, and I was impressed realizing that virtually two actors carried the whole film. 

My sister's take on it:

(If you know my dad, you know he's a Jack London - Mutiny on the Bounty - Into Thin Air -kind of guy.)

The End.


  1. You should consider a solid-state drive (SSD). they are not that expensive and are noticeably faster. --Pat

  2. Argh. Cannot believe you didn't LOVE Gravity.

    Also: I've re-organized my Pins a bit too (how, oh how, do I get to this but not to the 100 other things on my to-do list?). I'm at about 990 pins. For some reason, I don't want to exceed 1000. I occasionally go back a delete pins.