Saturday, July 20, 2013

Compelling, and rich

I'm too lazy to arrange my thoughts in an organized fashion right now (or even complete sentences), so hence a Saturday morning brain dump from yours truly.

- 'Been waking up early these past few days. It feels downright luxurious to get some dishes done, get a drink, and have the newspaper and computer all to myself for a few hours. Meanwhile, Ryan gets to enjoy sleeping in without Miss Wiggle-Worm taking over 75% of the bed.

- Recent morning favorites: iced bloody mary mix, iced [black & mint] tea, iced Irish coffee. Tried cleaning out the coffee maker this morning with vinegar. A work in progress. Any hints?

- Or any hints on tomato blight? Don't know why different ailments affect the potted plants so. Something likes to eat away the mint leaves. The tomato leaves grow a mildew and turn yellow. The boxwood basil is thriving.

- I cooked dinner last night for the first time since we moved. I love cooking but had been in a bit of a funk about it. Ryan has done most all the cooking, and we've been eating out a lot.  Despite having grown up here, I've been making some delightful dining discoveries. E.g. Went to Jerry's (the un-cajun) the other day for the first time. Don't judge me.

- Multiple attempts at making a quintessential beach day have failed. I do love the rain. Oh how I love it so. But can I have just one sunny day in the water when I'm not working, please? 

- The weather was wonderful for music in the park Thursday evening. Ryan's cousin Jane was in town and brought her three adorable kids. Alex is the friendliest baby I have ever met.

- Points to our landlord for fixing our broken A.C. within three hours of notification, even on a Friday evening.

- The house is more or less "done" regarding interior-stuff-arrangement. Or rather, it is at least commensurate in disorganization with our last apartment, before we started moving. Now back to the really fun job of sorting paperwork. 

- Our computer suffered a heavy drop recently. Amazingly, only the right-click-[once-upon-a-time-would-have-been-a-mouse]-button was damaged and now non-functional. So I can't do the quick click and correct with spell checker. This means I actually have to look up the correct spelling for things.

- On an ending note, this is all I can think of when I hear about the Royal Baby or Kate Middleton:


  1. Did Kate have her baby?? I'm so out of it. Mine's cuter anyway, so I don't need to care.

    Secondly, look up New Orleans BBQ shrimp on and have that get you out of a food funk ... or at least help. I remember Memere helping me make it and I loved it and I remade it again the other night and I've fallen even deeper. Wish I could come hang at the newly arranged house. glad you have ac.

  2. Man, Lizzy, you're making me miss Pensacola. I really would have Thursdays in the park any day over the Marine band concert on the mall (which I still haven't been to). What's an ideal beach day?

    1. I just want a hot sunny day with no rain! The beaches were so beautiful when we were out looking for Joey. But now it rains almost every afternoon.