Sunday, June 2, 2013

Interview with a cat

We've had the idea of getting an outdoor cat to hunt pests, and we think we may have found one.

The problem is, it might be too nice.

We spent an idyllic afternoon yesterday with Ryan's cousins. While everyone was lounging poolside, this black and white kitty climbed over the fence to join us--and was tossed back over--three times. As we were leaving, it was rolling over and baring its tummy for us in the driveway. It had no collar, and Joe and Kaitlin didn't recognize it as a neighbor's. We took the cat home with us, a short four blocks away, figuring that it if it was lost, it could easily leave and go home whenever it wanted.

We fed him/her some tuna and vanilla ice cream and watched it track and devour a grasshopper. Passing grade for insect huntsmanship. But we hope she has a taste for warm rat bodies.

We cracked the shed door and left it outside for the night. Lo and behold, kitty was in the backyard this morning, and this afternoon she is still circling the house. She might be a keeper. But you know, with felines, they are never really domesticated. They stay as long as it pleases them, and then they're gone. 

We shall see.

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