Friday, May 24, 2013

The agony of the feet

We hit another bump in the road this week: Ryan's second degree burns, in a most inconvenient (and painful) area.

Before combing the beach, Ryan applied sunscreen with his sneakers on, but not later after he kicked them off.

Now he's practically under medical house arrest, because he can't fit into shoes. I texted him last night to wrap his feet before he went to sleep. There are so many insects in this house I halfway wondered if a fly might lay eggs in his wounds and hatch maggots. 

Stranger things have happened.


  1. Oh the poor guy! Ouch! For flying insects, I just read about hanging a piece of duct tape like fly paper and it'll help catch the flying ones - - and/or wrap an old tennis racket with duct tape - sticky side out and swing it around the house - it'll catch the bugs. Just a thought.
    Maggots? You wouldn't go hungry in Madagascar! ;-)

  2. Oh my. My burn was nothing like that. So sorry Ryan!

  3. Special prayers for Ryan and his comrades in arms today. (Monday 5/27)