Thursday, May 2, 2013

(Ryan's eyes are rolling)

It's raining; we're dog sitting; the kitchen is stocked; I'm off work until Saturday.

I love this day already and it's barely started.

Hopefully I can soon pry myself away from the internet  to study and get one final exam over and done with.

But first, you know what's been eating at me? Paint color. More specifically, wall color.

We're moving next week and our new living room has dark green, spruce colored walls. 

like so.

It's not a big room, and the darkness just closes it in a little more. It's not a bad color; I'd prefer it in the bedroom to help me sleep. But I'd really like the living room to be lighter. . .


Our current apartment has mustard yellow walls with white trim. 'Drives me crazy because we have mostly dark wooden furniture (Meme's bar, the dining room table, the china cabinet, etc). The colors never really gelled.

gearing up for one last powwow at our current place

I am now a believer in mirror walls

And yet, I've seen dark wood accents against light walls and somehow it works.

Maybe it's the mustard yellow that's the problem and not the white trim. I've noticed that different colors work together when there's something "mixed" that ties them both together. E.g. blue curtains and red furniture work when there's a rug or carpet in the room that has both blue and red tones. It gives them a common reference point. (I think that's why art can do so much for a room.  It can potentially blend so many colors together.) Maybe the problem with my current living room is that there's nothing linking the yellow and the wood stain. They have no friends in common.

Some of the beiges I was looking at seem to have a yellow undertone. (I'm not very good with the whole recognizing "tones" of colors thing.) Could that be a problem? I'm glancing around our friend's office and his walls are a gray-based taupe with white trim. Seems to work.

And btw, our landlady said she was cool with painting. 'Suppose I just need to get it in writing.


  1. I think you could easily do a light colored wall with the darker furniture. Easily. I just think when the color is bright yellow it is, um, definitely more of a challenge. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    And aaah, it's dog sitting. I thought, "Did they ALREADY get a dog??!" Wish we could be there for your final pow-wow, but looking forward to a summer pow-wow in your new digs.

  2. You could do two different colored walls - like teal (above) and khaki or stone....

  3. Hey Elizabeth! Its Amelia! A favorite of mine is Northampton Putty by Benjamin Moore. Its a pretty beigey putty color but isn't too dark when you have just natural light. Good luck with the moved! And was absolutely great to see you down in Pensacola!

    1. Northampton Putty -- I'll check that one out. Thanks, Amelia!