Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beware pro-lifers in disguise!

Good grief. My brother in law recently retweeted this Slate article on the documentary It's a Girl. The movie is about sex-selective abortion and how it disproportionately affects females, particularly in the developing world.

The author, Sital Kalantry, doesn't bother to review the film and discuss its cinematic virtues and vices. Her purpose is to sound the alarm because the documentary director has [gasp!!] pro-life and Christian connections. 

Kalantry reports that she was "suspicious" of its humanitarian bent and calls it an outright trick. The pro-life message, she says, was subtle enough that "they got away with it." Those sneaky bastards!

Meanwhile feminists are unknowingly promoting a movie created by the enemy. Oh dear. 

Might someone finally recognize the illogic? Kalantry and Friends' take on women's rights suggests that it's perfectly okay to kill off young females. You'd just better knock off an equal number of boys to make it fair. 

'So thankful we have people out there advancing equal opportunity victimization.


  1. I seriously only saw the "It's a girl" pic thing on my bloglovin' feed and thought that Martha had her baby!!! haha. And for another sec I thought wow, they must be REALLY surprised that they had a girl. bahahaha!

    Boy, was I wrong. This is so sad. I almost starting balling just from the trailer. Wow.