Sunday, April 7, 2013


While my Pinterest-abstaining resolution has not fared well, I have stuck to my New Year's resolution. It's been good as a disciplinary measure, though I can't say it's saved me much money. There are so many other things to spend money on, like an Ulta shopping spree.

I am a little new to Ulta. My cousins-in-law had raved about their Orlando Ulta, so when a store opened here, I was eager to check it out. Sarah had described it as being like a really big expansion of a drug store cosmetic section. That's a pretty good description. It's somewhere in between a super-sized Walgreens but not quite a Sephora.

btw: Did you know we're getting a Sephora at Cordova mall? What is happening? I was in the mall the other day and literally got lost. So many stores have changed since high school; it was totally disorienting. I was like a Coach store? really? Where's Barnes coffee?

Anyway. How Ulta was a bit of a let down:

- Prices were not all that great. I think my normal face lotion is almost a dollar cheaper at Walmart. And Walmart is not so far away.

Case and {price} point: Maybelline Concealer stick is $4.99 at Walmart, regular price. Ulta sells it for $5.99 but right now has a buy one / get one 50% off deal with Maybelline products. Buy two at Ulta and your end cost is $4.49 per stick. So you have to double up and catch a special offer just to save 50 cents and come out ahead of Wally World.

- The items were not stocked well, particularly in popular colors (or maybe just the ones I wanted?). 

I was looking to replace my sandy-toned eye shadow. I had been using this same little container of Mary Kay eye shadow since I lived in Virginia. Yeah, two years old and a mini petri dish at this point. But it did make a believer outta me for cream shadows -- no creasing! Unfortunately, Mary Kay's sales reps are so pushy that it's just not worth dealing with them, even if you like the product. After scrutinizing three aisles, I found this as a promising substitute:

Maybelline Tattoo Metal in "barely branded": so far, so good.

- Many products had been opened. I guess that's not Ulta's fault. It just bothers me that people would open a sealed product and stick it back on the shelf. Gross. Let's just share dental floss while we're at it.

What Ulta has going for it:

+ Good {time limited} deals on brand name products, if you watch for them.

+ Periodic free shipping online and decent online coupons/deals, but . . .

+ The real fun of Ulta is actually being there and being mesmerized by the rainbow of snake-oils inside. They've got a really big selection.

I picked up two of these Burt's Bees tinted lip balms. My mom put me onto them, and I love 'em. They go on really moist and smooth, have no petroleum, and have almost as much color as lipstick. There's one stick that goes to work with me in my pocket (pink blossom) and one always in my nightstand (rose).

I also really like the bright lipstick trend. I don't know why I was so stuck on brown colors. 'Stuck on them for years. But pinks have really got me now.

thumbs down!
This one = wasted money. The color is beautiful in the tube, but it goes on so sheer that you can't see that it's there. It's L'Oreal Colour Riche.

This one I like. The color comes out more boldly. It's Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor :


This made it into the basket when somehow I convinced myself I should try to not look old.

Later I read retinols were teratogenic. Maybe I'm too young to be buying this in the first place.

Of course, the real fountain of youth is sunscreen . . . studies show.  I really like how this does not feel greasy like other sunblocks.

But you can get it at Walmart also.

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  1. Love that quote from Steel Magnolias. And I want to see the lipsticks ON you. Also, can you send me a link about retinols? I was all set to buy me some ROC myself.