Friday, April 12, 2013

shift change

Nurse M, after hand-off report Monday morning: "Liz, is your hair getting lighter?"

(sigh) "Yeah, it's a bad highlighting job. You know, I wanted them to just color the ends but it went all over."

Doctor L glances up from the chart he's reading and raises an eyebrow: "You mean . . . ombre?"

My jaw drops. How does a middle-aged straight man know about the gradient-hair-coloring technique known as ombre?

He continues. "You know, Liz, you can do it yourself. I saw a box for it at Ulta."

me: "Dr. L, I'm impressed."

"I have four daughters. Don't get me started on shoes."

I'm trying to remember, back in D.C., whether Dr. Najam ever even looked me in the eye. Yes, some things are nicer in the South, cardiovascular surgeons included.