Sunday, March 31, 2013

More frivolity

Ha! I normally don't do clothing posts but I felt compelled after seeing Laura's.

Ryan and I will never see eye to eye on women's clothing. Here's me before mass in sequins and pink.

"It's pink! People wear colorful stuff on Easter Sunday." -- me

"Yeah, like pastels and shit. Not sparkly stuff and hot pink like you. You look like the whore of Babylon." -- R

which is hilarious because usually I find myself on the super conservative/frumpy side of the R - Fashion - Meter.

"Look! See? Laura also wore hot pink. {and nude heels}" -- me

"Yeah, well . . . she's the whore of Babylon also." -- R

And somehow I'm now remembering Mr Ed Feeny's pastel striped slacks that he wore every Easter Sunday. I think that man had special occasion pants for all the holidays, but his Easter pair really took the prize.

Random, yes.


  1. I love your outfit! ~Trena

  2. Oh my. I laughed really hard at this. I was reading about the whore of Babylon passage in Revelation a few nights ago. Come Easter, here I was thinking I had pulled off an aging wanna-be Sorority Girl look. Perhaps my subconscious had other ideas.

    I really like your outfit, and all the color in the photo. Also, thanks for the memories of Mr Feeney's slacks.

  3. Tell Ryan, someday he's gonna miss his wife being ABLE to wear a sparkly and bright outfit like that! He cracks me up. Rob won't wear anything that comes CLOSE to being "Loud". It's amazing what he thinks is loud.

  4. Came from Laura's and am glad I did. Both you and Laura looked lovely. I am in love with the sequined skirts I've been seeing. Very pretty.

    Funny husband.

  5. Cutest whore of Babylon I've ever seen.