Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ignored Greens

I'm almost done chugging the 7-cup pitcher of green smoothie I made this morning.  We were given a blender for our wedding, and I had the bright idea to start using it. I'm not a picky eater. I love vegetables. But I'm horrible about cooking/making them regularly. I hate hate hate buying produce only to subsequently throw it out because it wasn't prepared soon enough. I don't subscribe to the anti-carb fad. But I do know I should eat more green stuff than I do.  We eat a lot of carbs and protein just because they store better in the pantry.

The other week there was a whole bag of watercress that I meant to put in my noodle salad but ultimately didn't. There were other left-overs from my Asian-fusion fest too: vanilla ice cream, shriveling strawberries, browning bananas. I broke out the blender and threw it all in: the ice cream, the fruit, the watercress + a pinch of ginger powder. It was surprisingly palatable. What was really interesting was how un-noticeable the watercress was. I waited until Ryan left the kitchen and crammed a fistful in the blender before he could get grossed out. It left a very subtle aftertaste of horseradish. Very subtle.

Inspired, I bought more bananas, two big bags of frozen fruit, plain Greek yogurt, and a big tub of fresh spinach leaves. The spinach definitely colors the smoothie, but spinach is so mild tasting . . . if you can taste it at all. I confess: I'm biased against smoothies for the same reason I was biased against Trader Joe's and Downton Abbey. They're too popular.  But maybe if it'll get me to eat better, I'll get over it.


  1. "It left a very subtle aftertaste of horseradish." LOL!

    Lizzie, this is so funny, b/c I JUST had the SAME experience this week. Not with horseradish, but w/ spinach I had on hand. I had resisted for the same reasons you had + I always refused to taste Mom's. And now . . . here I am. I use the same ingredients you do + almond butter for protein (I draw the line at raw egg yolks).

  2. Ha! You both caved! I've been really craving/enjoying smoothies as of late. Maybe I'll consider some Asian inspired ones. ;)