Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day off

I'm very excited about today: I don't have to go anywhere. So I have the whole day to do everything. What's that they say about introverts? An introvert sees nothing planned for the weekend and breathes a sigh of relief. The extrovert sees nothing planned and gets anxious.

Now I just need to fend off the Pinterest demon so I can actually get stuff done. Confession: I have not stayed clean of Pinterest this lent; but I have spent significantly less time on it. It also helps that I'm keeping a short rein on any more home decorating. There's a lot more I could and want to do, but we'll probably be moving again soon, so what's the point?

Ryan is just about fed up with apartment living. The doorman kept him for 45 minutes the other day as he tried to get out the door. You know the type: retired, knows it all, and has all the time in the world to tell you about it. "It" being the weather near Blackwater River, the pond his family dug on their property, etc, etc. And to his credit, Ryan can't very well tell a grayed and hunchbacked Korean War vet that he's needs to shut up and let him go.

( . . . )

Wow. How do 3 hours go by so fast on Facebook? Warning: if you say anything negative about homosexual "marriage" on Facebook you may be electronically stoned to death. Say even something positive about traditional marriage and you will be labeled a hater and people will un-friend you. So much for diversity; apparently tolerance only goes one way. Is it a waste of time? I don't know. In some countries it's now a hate-crime to speak out against homosexuality, so perhaps we should frolic in our freedom of speech while it lasts. Somebody once said it's good periodically to Facebook status something shocking to thin out your FB "friends." Saying that children deserve a mom and a dad must be shocking. Who knew?

Mmm. About all those things I was meaning to do. Like doing things off the computer. 'Better get started.


  1. Good luck with your to-do's! I'm finding myself in a strange mix of "I don't have much time before baby arrives and I have to get as much in as possible" aaaaaand "The baby is coming soon and I want to do nothing and enjoy doing nothing before I can never do nothing again."

    Clear as mud? Thought so.

    Furthermore, good luck on the hunt for a new domicile.

  2. "Ryan for President!" says Uncle Rob.

    We were in the ER today (ask your mom) and a old man "volunteer" there wandered in and started to talk all about stupid stuff like cell phones, etc. We'd only been in the room for about 10 minutes and he just waltzed in and started yakking - thought he might whip out the ol' Joseph Smith flip charts any minute and start some Moron evangelization so I stopped him in mid-sentence and said, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but could we please have some 'quiet time'? My husband is tired and needs to rest." I feel Ryan's pain.

    As for the FB thing - DON'T I KNOW! - I posted something against homosexual marriage and had an old friend from high school practically assault me. I defriended HIM and decided to defriend all my old high school "buddies" because a) they're all a bunch of liberal pansies and b) most of them were just people I KNEW in H.S. - none of them were really my friend-friends anyhow....and even if they were, they're still a) liberal pansy rainbow flag wavers.

    1. But they're sooooo tolerant, Aunt Alex.

    2. Meant to put this here, not the bottom - "Tolerance" in our bullshit society has become a thin veil for vehemence and oppression toward those with differing views from pop-culture. I'm no racist or bigot... I hate everyone equally.

  3. The difficult thing is that nobody is really having a discussion over whether a homosexual family structure is a good thing or not. It's just presumed to be. The debate is frosted over with a lot of rhetoric about equality, bigotry, hate, don't-impose-your-morality-on-me, etc.

    I would LOVE someone to come out and argue why homosexuality is good for human nature, why either a mom or a dad is really irrelevant, etc. But no one can get that far without some mud slinging. I don't un-friend any one over it. They can drop me if they want.

    It is very odd, though, how quickly those types become moralists when you try to steal their wallets or beat up a kid in the parking lot.

  4. "Tolerance" in our bullshit society has become a thin veil for vehemence and oppression toward those with differing views from pop-culture. I'm no racist or bigot... I hate everyone equally.

  5. As Christians, anyhow, "tolerance" ain't gonna get us very far doing the Lord's work.

    And yeah, Lizzie, everyone just PRESUMES that gay parents are equal to having normal parents. Just like they presume "gay sex" is equal to normal sex. It ain't. And if they just stop a second to THINK what gay sex actually involves - besides throwing up, they'd probably realize that it's a perverted use of "things" the way they were meant to be used.

    Actually, I defriended this one guy who kept arguing with me and AFTER I defriended him, he apparently kept coming by my FB page - - to the point where he actually copied something I wrote publicly against S.S.M. and pasted it under the comment section of a photo on Aunt Lise's page where I had been commenting with others about the photo - then used THAT method to argue with me about S.S.M. He's such a jerk!