Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zombie-Asian Fusion

The Walking Dead is baaaack! And so are my spring rolls.

I wanted to get a picture of them all in a pretty stack, 
but they got eaten faster than Meredith and I could wrap them.

Bean-thread noodle salad

Lou provided ample moral/cooking support

I was lucky to get a sous-chef since I was running at least an hour behind, as usual.

Meme's little china bowls
Tom-kha soup (coconut milk and lemongrass)

(vanilla ice cream with fried bananas, fresh mint, honey, and strawberries)

Nevermind Downton Abbey. The War is starting . . .


  1. I'd partake in the Asian Fusion part, but I don't think you'd see me around the TV.

    Oh, should it be yummmmmm-azing?

    1. I don't do scary movies/paranormal stuff, but zombies are more like or orcs or trolls or such. It's a survival tale

    2. . . . And not really in the horror genre

  2. I'm hungry again, just fyi.

    and even though you probably won't do it, I thought I'd let you know: I "nominated" you ... http://romancingreilly.blogspot.com/2013/02/liebster-my-dear.html

  3. I've been thinking of watching the Walking Dead. I take it you recommend? :-)

    1. You there! Rosalind! I don't know you, but I do recommend the show. It started based on a series of graphic novels (fancy word for big-ass comic books that have an actual story line). It has, from what I've heard, detracted from these a bit (never read them, just like good zombie survival movies - see the wife's bio for this blog). The whole zombie apocalypse bit is really a background/impetus for pretty good character development sequences. The show's epicenter, in my opinion, deals more with inter human relationships and emotions. Zombie survival is a great mechanism for a stress factor and I think the producers do a pretty decent job of portraying various aspects of humans being from emotional/philosophical/moral standpoints. Plus zombies are slayed, so... win. The first season is a pilot, so its only six episodes; nothing too committal. The second is really kinda slow. The current (third) definitely makes up for the second. Each episode runs about 40 minutes, with the exception of the premiers/finales (about 60). Plus, did I mention - its also about killin' zombies? So quit wasting all that time and netflix it tonight!

      P.S. the makeup/effects are a little gory (well done - again, my opinion), but it is in no way scary. Its not a 'horror flick.' Most of the suspense involves what is happening/will happen to the characters, not really trying to make you jump.