Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'm thinking I'll give up Pinterest for a while. Nevermind that it seduces me into spending so much time sorting through pretty pictures

like gorgeous pink glass tile

or tree staircases

or lavish gowns

or libraries full of leather bound books that smell of rich mahogany

the real problem with Pinterest is that it kinda makes me hate my life.

It's too easy to want this and that and that and . . .

{blink} now you've got blinders on to what's good and real and right beside you.

It fosters this kind of mentality:

But then  . . .

Sure there are good ideas on pinterest. But I'd say about 2% of my pinning time contributes to something useful and about 98% is daydreaming mourning over what I don't have.  Meanwhile Ryan is actually cultivating his brain reading books. Lots of them. I think I used to know what those were . . .


  1. Its only because you don't have any good books. You can borrow some of mine.

  2. But really, Liz, I mean, surely if you HAD a plush, luscious library like that THEN you'd read ... ;)

    1. For realz, gurl. That's one of the goals if we can ever get our own place. I want the Biltmore library (currently taking monetary donations for the cause).