Friday, January 4, 2013


I'm pretty sure that everyone not living in a hole has heard the recent propaganda for tighter gun control. Right now I'm not going to delve into data or statistics over gun violence. There's a lot out there, and it's not easy to interpret, regardless of which side of the issue you are on.

For instance, the CDC death stats by "murder" includes acts of self-defense, accidental shootings, and shootings by law enforcement personnel in their line of work. Obviously, these are not all wrongful deaths. Also, many reports of decreasing homicide rates are skewed by the fact that hospitals and trauma bays are increasingly proficient at saving lives.  A decreased death rate does not necessarily mean that fewer people are being shot.

So that's why I'm not getting into numbers right now. My pet peeve tonight is gun-control hypocrites.  Obama wants to limit your access to firearms. But regardless of whether you can protect yourself, Obama and his children will forever be personally protected by one of the most adept security forces in the world.  Obama's daughters go to a guarded school and are escorted by Secret Service.  Obama's family enjoys the fullest protection that having firearms can offer.

It has been proposed that the First Family deserves an exception to gun control laws because they bear a disproportionately greater threat of harm.  I am in no way denying that their family is a greater target for terrorists and criminals.  I absolutely will not deny Obama's right to protect his kids to the fullest extent possible.

My problem is not that Obama can protect his own, but that others can't.  The rich and powerful allow themselves the benefit of protection, but impoverished parents living in the slums of Anacostia, Harlem, L.A., etc. are not allowed the same rights to protect their children. A parent in Anacostia is criminalized if she keeps a concealed weapon while walking her children to school.  Oh dear, and let's not forget that a single hurricane threw New Orleans into third-world lawlessness for weeks.

The well-to-do who had the privilege of growing up in safe neighborhoods (like me) need humility before telling people in neighborhoods immersed in drug and gang violence how to live their lives and protect their families.

And don't put it past Hollywood celebrities (wealthy enough to hire legions of personal body guards) to give the politically correct pouty pout on guns.

Nevermind they made their fortunes glorifying them . . .


  1. Demand it. Not the first one, the second one.

  2. Is that Beyonce Knowles in the first video? Wasn't her husband, Jay-Z, a drug dealer in earlier days? They _never_ use guns. Oh my goodness, the hypocrisy is setting my head reeling right now.

    Okay, so I looked it up and his drug dealing record is a little shadowy. And knives, not guns, were his weapon of choice. Never mind, no hypocrisy.