Thursday, January 10, 2013

Camp out @Fort Pickens

 'Surrounded by manly men doing manly things . . .

Why of course if you needed firewood, why not chop down a tree with a machete?

Morning view

If I smiled he'd know I was sneaking a photo
Heaven forbid we'd ever be in the same picture . . .

The water was a surreal teal color.


  1. Oh it looks lovely!! And happy birthday to the burly man!

  2. "If I smiled he'd know I was sneaking a photo" Ha!

    I broke my NY Resolution to read this post, btw.

  3. That picture of you reminds me SO MUCH of when you were little - always a little pissed off at something or someone! ;-) Looks like you had a grand time.

  4. Actually, you know what? You look a LOT like St. Therese of Lisieux in that photo - check out her prayer card: