Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brain Dump

I actually feel inspired to clean house today, so I'm keeping this brief.

A sequence of three dreams over the last three days/nights:

- I find a baby boy and adopt him. Wake up with mild baby fever.

- I get a dog. Wake up with major puppy fever.

- I'm trying to parallel park a big pickup with an RV trailer on a steep slope.  My parking brake fails, and my trailer breaks the window of another RV behind it.  Also, Trena and Jill are both pregnant, and Joannie joins the Marines.

On to things I wish were of dreams and not reality:

Gun control.  Honestly, I don't much like guns.  I'm always a little skiddish they'll accidentally go off.  But I really don't like the government telling people what they can and can't do with them.

Besides, if the likes of Andrew Cuomo and Obama really cared about saving innocent lives, they'd be pro-life.  For that reason, I can't take these guys seriously on gun control.  Abortion is America's own backyard holocaust (CBS reports estimates of between 700,000 and one million aborted babies per year), and it has been authorized by the Constitution supposedly implying a woman's right to privacy.

But a clearly articulated right to bear arms is somehow open to interpretation.

"Common sense" gun control is a misnomer.  Restricting firearms from the mentally ill? It's not clear how that would be enforced.  Do you realize that, by some measures, 25% of Americans have some kind of mental illness?  The vast majority of the mentally ill are not violent.  But will some postpartum depression come between you and your Second Amendment rights?  Could this keep veterans who've been treated for PTSD from owning firearms?  You know how many people in Washington would just love to disarm that group?

Background checks might as well be gun registration in disguise. It leaves an electronic/paper trail to you and the weapon you own.

Of course, this all calls into question the balance between safety and personal liberty. There's a big seesaw out there, with public safety/comfort on one side and personal privacy on another.  Even presuming for the sake of argument that the government is efficient in enforcing and enacting things like gun and health care laws (which in reality is highly dubious), to what extent are those things worth the cost of personal privacy? Finding that balance is meat for a whole other blog post, so I'm stopping here.

Sink scum, here I come . . .


  1. I love both those pictures! (They weren't working when I read this earlier.) Thinking about getting a puppy . . . some friends have a Goldendoodle expecting puppies next month . . . . other times thinking what kind of crazy am I for wanting _more_ poop to clean up???

    1. C'mon, Laura, I know you love cleaning up poop.

    2. Laura,

      GSD. It'll protect your girls and, if you train it in tracking, find them if they get lost.


    3. What does GSD mean? German Shepherd?

  2. Your dreams scare me. ;-)

    I had a dream the other night some random girl in a grocery store handed me one of those liter bottles of Channel #5.


  3. *sigh... Thought I'd made a breakthrough. Apparently not. My kids will be proficient at a young age to avoid fear and build a skill set. They will not be scared:


    On a separate note, this whole thing has brought her and I much closer on another aspect - the hypocrisy of 'defending children' with a veritable "backyard holocaust" taking place in the country. I love this woman. She makes many excellent perspectives eloquent. A beautiful mind in a much more attractive package than Russel Crowe.

    Jaonnie - don't join the Marines. You and I both will regret it.


  4. This is hilarious. Are you talking about my Jill? I guess you at least got one thing right!
    Don't worry, RCT. I think there are few things I'm less likely to do. ; )
    I'm glad your tree is still up.