Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The pleasures of an early rise

 It has to be the best feeling when you can wake up early not feeling tired . . . and have the paper waiting at the front door because you finally caved and subscribed for another year.

I find that the news in print is much more enjoyable than on a screen. I love reading the paper; it's my little luxury ritual for the morning. Now if only I could remember what it says.

Oh yeah, and catching the sunrise over the bay. That's good too : )

Ryan has hogged the computer most of the past few days while trying to churn out several papers at once. It's a good thing for me.  Now I am forced to do something tangible and not digital, like tackling the clothes monster in our closet. You know it's bad when you are tempted to buy another piece of clothing because you can't excavate the article you already own.

Oh, and another good thing: the temperate weather, which allows for electric bills like this:



  1. UGH! So jealous! I miss it so much. There are such beautiful skies this time of year. I LOVE getting the WSJ now. I really never followed the news at all when I was left to online only.

    Agreed, btw, we need a phone chat. xxoo

    1. Oh, and thanks for taking off the "please prove you're not a robot" thing. It always drives me nuts.