Friday, December 28, 2012

Concerning the ugly truth: Resolution #1 for the New Year

Life is preciously short. Blog less.

There is too much noise in this world.  Advice to myself:  Don't say something just to have something to say. E.g. Nobody really cares what I'm wearing.  Nobody should care. 

(Note: Somehow, late at night I ended up writing this in the second person, but I'm really talking to myself here . . .)

Regarding amateur fashion blogging, is it a waste of time?  Some of the What I Wore Sunday* outfits are atrocious.  But nobody says so.  Everyone in that blogging circle is too friendly to tell you that you're the reason homeschoolers are made fun of.  There is no exchange of constructive criticism; only an exchange of pleasantries.  There are professional blogs/sites out there if you want genuine inspiration and clear photography.  Even that takes up too much of my life.

Do you ever find it tedious and/or boring to read other blogs and comment just to 1) attract more people to your own blog, or 2) because you feel obligated after another blogger visited and left you a compliment/comment?  Do you pounce on every opportunity to link-up with a bigger blog?

Apparently there is a swarm of house-mouse bloggers out there.  How many of them are seeking to create their own cyber celebrities by wooing internet lurkers into their fold of devoted followers, subjecting their own egos to the number of web hits they get each day?  Who's jockeying to be the next Jennifer Fulwiler or Grace Patton?  But don't dare suggest that stay at home moms are lazy!  Remember when this headline hit Facebook?  Remember the thundering outcry from all those SAH moms?  I don't know if Anderson Cooper actually said SAHMs were lazy; they were offended simply because he asked the question.  They were furious that someone would suggest that they have too much time on their hands. (Never mind that they found plenty of time to vent on Facebook.)

Obviously: there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. It's enviable. I'd better get back on track here . . .

What's your intention by blogging?  Maybe you're pretending to forge friendships online in lieu of connecting with the people who are actually/in fact/physically present in your life.  Like far flung college buddies with whom you once shared real adventures.  Like your spouse.  Like your spouse's friends.  Like your grandmother who might croak next year, but you haven't spoken to in weeks.

I don't mean to suggest that blogging is bad. Not necessarily.  But what kind of balance does it have in your life?  Does it consume more time than watching a sitcom or two?  Who have you not talked to on the phone because you're glued to your screen?

Mea culpa, mea culpa, of course.  And everything I said about blogging can be applied also to my Pinterest habit.

By the way, let me make myself clear, nobody stop blogging.  I truly relish the blogs of my sisters and friends.  Just don't pay attention to your site stats.  If you are loved in real life (and you are), nothing else matters.

*P.S. regarding What I Wore Sunday, I actually really like the concept behind it. I do wish people put more effort into looking good. It shows respect for yourself and respect for the people around you. But sometimes I think the blog's link-up just turns into an outlet for vanity.


  1. I was waiting for a Lizzie post like this. I knew it was only a matter of time.

    I was thinking about how i actually feel a little more caught up in my sisters lives due to this blog thing. Saying every year I'm going to be better about staying in touch just hasn't happened, so this had helped actually bridge that gap a bit on my end, sis.

    And how i laughed at so many of these points! Especially the Sunday what u wore thing, but I do hope you'll at least occasionally post what you wore bc I'd like to see, and I hope you'll post about those lift goals you'll be attaining bc that will be way more interesting than anything I've read thus far.

  2. Well said. Balance is good. I do agree with Martha, though.

  3. I started blogging about 9 years ago and came to the same conclusion about 4 months into it - but I continued until FB started sucking my readers and fellow bloggers away - and have tried to blog again, as you know, but am unable to keep it up - as you also may know.
    I like reading about my nieces' and nephew's lives, but the fashion shows don't interest me - too much - mostly it just makes me realize how old I am - and enjoy being so - because at my age, fashion is just - well, totally unimportant to me.

  4. Re the what I wore Sunday thing -- a friend of mine commented that it's also becoming a "look how awesome I am to have thrifted this/gotten a deal on this/etc" Look, my outfit is entirely designer but I bought it all at thrift stores for under $5! Or I made this skirt with my bare hands!

    I agree, the concept is good, but you're right, I think it can easily tend toward vanity.

    And hey, I have to wear a skirt every day to work, so I look adorable 6 days of the week. But I don't feel the need to show the world how darn cute I am...

    1. Sorry this is so old, but that is so right! For those of us who work it's like um, and the point of this is?....

  5. Distance high five! :-)

  6. Don't stop or greatly slow your blogging! I really enjoy reading your blog and hearing what you're up to (and please tell Ryan I really enjoyed his post on situational awareness).