Monday, December 17, 2012

a week in pictures

I'm making a brain dump here because I'm too lazy to write anything meaningful.

I caught a cold virus from who-knows-where. It's not bad in and of itself. It just won't go away. Ryan contracted the 48-hour version. I lucked out with the one week and counting version of the bug.

The plus side of having a cold?  Another excuse to drive across town to my recently discovered pho stop. This is what R brought home to me because he's just wonderful like that:

This magic broth is from the 'Golden Palace' by University Mall, which is a happy find for me. Like all good Vietnamese, you get it cheap and fast . . . oh, and hot and delicious. It is unfortunately not as good/spicy as the soup shop in Falls Church, but a delightful slurp nonetheless.

Fact: Ryan is making another run for ole' fatty prego here. I complained that my throat hurt. After dropping off the pho, he turned around and drove out again to get me soda.

Fact: I got a blister on my palm from CPR last night. 

Cooler Fact: Christopher just graduated with his BSN. It was a tough program, and I'm so happy for him to be finished. I'm so happy we have such sterling friends in our life.  You Christendom gals remember Siobhan O'Connor? Of course you do. Chris is like the man-version of Siobhan--just golden through and through.

I recently meandered around Target for an hour or so having no agenda whatsoever. I just had time to kill while Ryan finished an exam. I got there right as the store opened and remembered why Target is so attractive: it sells so many beautiful things for < $25. And the displays are very inviting before other customers have made a mess of the shelves.

I talked myself into green leather gloves for $16. My hands are always cold--that was my excuse. And my beefy insulated outdoor gloves are a little thick for Florida winters. I did resist a multitude of beautiful scarves for $10 a piece, knowing I should probably first make friends with the dozen scarves already hanging in my closet.

These wedges also did not prevail upon me, though [Pro:] I like the stability of the platform (vs. skinny heel).

Con: Suede is so difficult to clean. Though I think Martha has a suede pair which didn't look too dingy last I recalled.

Target has hooked up with Neiman Marcus to sell a handful of designer gifts at kind of Target prices. The collection is sadly unimpressive but for this little girl's dress by Marchesa; isn't it lovely?

I swooned. Unfortunately, I know no little girl who would be trust worthy in a $99 white gown.

Oh my first-world problems . . . I am really just trying to distract myself from anticipatory frustration with the next session of congress. Expect some stupid knee-jerk reaction soon. Obviously, since criminals don't obey the laws already in place, more laws will solve the problem of society's moral delinquency. Senator Feinstein, while you're in D.C., please take a little ride on the Green Line and go interview your neighbors in Anacostia. Surely they will tell you that the most restrictive gun laws in the country let them sleep soundly at night . . . no?

And sadly, even while we're freshly shocked by the killing of 26 innocents, the law responsible for the wrongful deaths of millions of children goes unchallenged.

Okay, I'm stopping now, and ending with this perfectly pink sunset.


  1. Congrats to Chris! I love that shot of him and Ryan on the couch, with Ryan double-fisting it. :-)

  2. And to follow up on Laura's comment -- your red toes in the foreground!

    Yes, I love those suede wedges and I'm tempted to get them in that awesome peacock blue. I've had them and worn them several times every week for almost three years now. Still get compliments on them. I'd reconsider, but it's up to you. :)

    1. Going back to the subject of the picture, I also like how Chris and Ryan are snuggling on the couch and Lizzie is by herself across the room.

    2. Well, he was the other man at the altar . . .

    3. Ha! By the way, I like your new blog format.

    4. I've told Liz many times, if Chris had the lady parts, I'd totally have married him... err her? Whatever. Liz is lucky Chris was born a dude. -RCT

  3. I just bought black wedges like that at Payless. I liked the fact that I didn't feel like I was going to slip and fall while I was wearing them. The blue ones there are pretty sweet. -Sarah

    1. Ooooh, I will check out Payless then :)

  4. "Fact: Ryan is making another run for ole' fatty prego here. I complained that my throat hurt. After dropping off the pho, he turned around and drove out again to get me soda."

    Explain? Or did I miss something?

    1. I am not pregnant, but Ryan has long complained that I have the appetite of an obese pregnant woman. And hence the eventual nickname, "Fatty Prego."