Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Wear

 My husband pulled out his suit for a mass of remembrance Saturday morning. I swooned. He cuts such a fine figure in it.  I love the contrast between the polished Bond-esque suit and his head of thick, golden locks. It's like 007 meets Viking warrior.  Not that he'd ever let me get a picture or anything.

Basically this.
We watched only a few episodes of Mad Men; the show didn't do much for me.  But it did persuade me to buy some discounted Calvin Klein slim/skinny ties at HomeGoods.

I am so thankful for Ian Fleming. Were it not for him, certain men would have no interest/inspiration for moving beyond the t-shirt and jeans.

I'll be working Christmas night. Instead of trying to cram multiple family gatherings into a single Christmas Eve, I'm thinking the two of us can just do our own thing. Maybe dress up and eat out somewhere snazzy. I wonder what would be open that night.

Maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to wear this dress (which has been hanging unworn in my closet for a year.)

Well, not this dress exactly, but close to the same thing.

I cringe wondering what my gentlemen readers will think of the rest of this post (i.e. my modeling). If it garners a few laughs, then all is well.

My attempt to match on Saturday:

I had made the mistake of wearing open-toed, black, strappy heels to a previous funeral. 
 It just didn't seem right; too much like cocktail attire.

I have hesitations about bare shoulders at a funeral also,
so the trench stayed on most of the time.

And, well, I just love trench coats.

This was an Old Navy find from eons past. 
It's all polyester, never wrinkles, and is my go-to LBD.

And, to link up with the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple, what I actually wore Sunday:

It's a Boden dress from a few seasons ago.
I think the shoes are Madden Girl from a Marshall's or someplace.

Coupled with another attempt to defeat pony-tail syndrome:

Left side, twist

Left side


Messy bun-wrap on right side

Right side

And for Laura, What I wore to Walmart . . . will have to come later. I forgot to get a picture.


  1. I absolutely love trench coats and nude shoes! You look great and the hair is lovely!

  2. Lizzie you look amazing, and the photos are great! Ryan is a great photographer! I'm gonna be late linking up today b/c I'm still in WIWtoWM wear right now. :-P Going to 12:30 mass.

    1. Thanks! My photographer was actually the auto-timer on my camera. I was home alone.

  3. My sisters are of course lovely and stunning. Btw, nice leather couch thingy!

  4. What a lovely look with the LBD and trench, Hepburn classic!! Your hair in the alternative to pony style is beautiful and the Boden dress is a great print!!

  5. Both of these are so classy! Love the trench and the nude shoes...and that purple print is great!

  6. I love your pony alternative and your Boden dress is so classy! Every time I get a Boden catalog I pine over absolutely every item...

  7. I love both of those looks, and your hair looks amazing!

  8. I love the trench coat, it is adorable! And your hair is fabulous! I can't wait until mine gets longer so I can do more with it =)

  9. Very pretty trench coat! Aren't the perfect LBD's just fantastic? Nothing better than a deep floral print for the Fall.

  10. Girl you rock a trench coat like nobody's business!! Also, your hair -any deets on how to achieve that look? It's a GREAT up-do - tell me it's effortless and can be done with one hand while bouncing a baby with the other??

    1. Hi Martha! I can't guarantee the up-do is baby compatible, but it is pretty fast: (1) Make a side part down your hairline (2)on the opposite side of your part, take two thin locks of hair from around your face/jawline--twist them around each other (3) one lock at a time, start adding/wrapping more locks to that twist--making a rope going around the back of your head (4) end up on the opposite side of your crown, and use bobby pins to make a bun behind your ear. You're done!

  11. Wow! You look great in both dresses! I also love trench coats & Boden!

  12. looooove both dresses! and the hair --- sinfully jealous of your skills!

  13. I love your dress and your hair is awesome! Thank you so much for participating!

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by! I tried to explain in a response above, though I'm afraid I'm not good at demonstrating (or learning )hair-dos without videos.