Monday, November 12, 2012

Uncertainty, take three

The nursing supervisor just put me on-call for the night . . . again.  This is incredible.  I've never been on-call three shifts in a row like this past week (that is, I was scheduled to work, but they were overstaffed).  I will never complain about getting an unexpected break, but one of these nights I'm going to get called in at 2am to pick up some ugly mess. That will not be fun.  And it's threatening to rain right now.

I asked the supervisor, "Just to be fair, does anyone else want to take it instead?" The reply was "I'm busy, in an emergency, so I haven't had time to make any other phone calls. Will you take it?" Why of course.

My husband and father-in-law have been out shopping for a rifle.  This is the note I woke up to:

And this was waiting in the fridge:

Tabbouleh: It's what's for dinner

He always has everything ready so I can sleep until the last minute before having to get up for work.

I wanted to do something nice for him this morning, for Veterans' Day and all. I tried to do eggs benedict and bloody marys, among other things. Alas, my hollandaise sauce was clumpy, and we had run out of gin and vodka for the drinks. And then Ryan told me Veterans' Day was actually yesterday.

Ah, next year . . .


  1. That is they sweetest and funniest little note. I love that he anticipated all your hygiene quirks! Congrats on the third night off and I'll pray you don't have to wake up for a call at some hour o-dark hundred.

  2. Love you, Lizzy. Let's catch up soon.

  3. Your husband is most certainly a keeper. I esp. love the note about not mirowaving the aluminum foil. ~Trena

  4. Also, Pat and I think perhaps there is a story behind the aluminum foil warning ???

    1. No. He actually thought I just might put it in the microwave.