Friday, November 16, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I saw this picture and it made me think of my older sister, Laura. It sums up what she does for me in life:

--- 2 ---
Speaking of, I'm thinking of following her lead with a What I Wore Sunday post with Fine Linen and Purple. But I'm scared.

--- 3 ---
Adele's new theme song for Skyfall is playing on Pandora right now. Sooo good. I love her.

--- 4 ---

My grandparents are coming over for dinner and to see our new place.  I've been waiting for an opportunity to make pho. I crave it so bad, but I've never made it myself. In my last neighborhood, there was a hole in the wall pho shop around the corner from my house; it spoiled me thoroughly.


I was so happy to find, not only a recipe for the mysterious broth, but this writer who shares a kindred spirit for the stuff:

"We squeezed in lime juice and added cooked rice noodles, then thin slices of raw sirloin, which cooked instantly in the steaming soup, then slivers of onion and chili, crunchy mung bean sprouts and fresh basil and cilantro. 

We fell on it with chopsticks and spoons, too impatient to wait for it to cool. The broth was rich and beefy and very clear, full of the delicate flavors of cinnamon, black pepper and a familiar yet mysterious mix of other spices I'd come to associate with this warming soup.

We ate it all, slurping the satiny noodles, splashing Saigon's house-made hot chili sauce on the tender beef. Brendan had a cold, and I felt like I was getting one, too. After we ate, we both felt cured, nourished and so much better about this town and our future life here. Our house suddenly felt warmer. We slept well that night."

What she said. Exactly.

--- 5 ---

Ryan's playing the Skyfall theme over again for the third time . . .

--- 6 ---

We watched Downton Abbey for the first time this week. I didn't think I could make my husband sit through such a show, but after we watched the Last Starfighter, I figured it was only fair. Downton Abbey is a lavish, beautifully filmed . . . soap opera. As Ryan summarized, "I'm Duke so-and-so. I'm here to marry your daughter and f* your footman." Yep. Pretty much. 

(Though I did appreciate the extreme organization of the household. That's something that's so under-appreciated these days, that is, the realization of the home as the last bastion of civility.)

--- 7 --- 

Yesterday was the first day of hearings on Benghazi.  Stayed tuned for Ryan's guest post on the subject.

Thanks to Jennifer for hosting Seven Quick Takes Friday!


  1. I'm touched, Lizzie, especially since I distinctly remember doing just the opposite to you and thinking it was soooo funny. And I'm with you on Downton Abbey. I saw the first season; might get around to the others. BBC has a lot better to offer though.

    Good luck with the pho!

    okay, back to bed.

  2. My Hubby sat down with me last year and we watched Downton Abbey as I had heard so much about it. I never expected him to last 5 minutes, but we were both hooked and are anxiously awaiting January for the new season. It's so spectacular. I love period pieces and the way the story just winds and explores each character throughout the episodes really sucked us in. Hope you carry on, it's just so rich!!

    1. Tracy, I will definitely try a few more episodes of Downton Abbey . . . at least. The set and costumes are so beautiful and vivid. I could probably enjoy it even with the sound muted ; )

  3. P.S. What did y'all think of Skyfall? Jacob and I saw it last night (accompanied by 5 pounds of smuggled candy). I have mixed feelings. Would like to read a review (if you want a blog-topic suggestion). xxoo

    1. Haven't seen it yet! Something keeps coming up. Did you see the previous two movies?

    2. Sounds like guest-post material to me!