Thursday, November 15, 2012

One size does not fit all

I saw this headline in Google news, and the story tickled me pink:

Secession petitions filed on White House Web site

The past several presidential elections have been remarkably close.  I realize that whichever way this past election had turned out, there would be about one unhappy American voter for every pleased American voter. Aren't we kidding ourselves that there could be a leader out there that can make Alabamans as happy as New Yorkers? or vice versa?

When I cast my vote, I feel a little bad. I don't want to influence who becomes the president for Vermont, or Washington state, or Wisconsin, etc.  I have never lived in any of those places. I can't pretend to know their social justice needs or the conditions of their economies.

Likewise, why should someone in Los Angeles have a say in who my president is? What does he know about my neck of the woods, my job, and our school system?

I wish states acted more independently. I wish it didn't matter so much who the president of the United States is, but rather who your state governor is. When political leaders are so far removed from the people, accountability is diluted. We know the sick fair better with closer nurse to patient ratios.  We know students perform better with more teachers and smaller classroom populations. When will we apply that same wisdom to government?

I doubt these secession movements will go anywhere, but I'm glad people are having this kind of discussion.

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