Friday, November 9, 2012

A night on edge

Newbie to Jennifer's 7 Quick Takes: Here it goes . . .

----- 1 -----

We just finished a week of house/dog sitting for a friend. It was fun; they have a lovely home and two sweet pups.  I grew up having dogs, just not indoors. Dogs are definitely in our future. I just hope they come with a Roomba and hardwood floors.

----- 2 -----

This is how I'll feel when it's 3
I'm on call for work right now, praying that my unit won't need me. On-call responsibilities end at 0300 . . . almost there. If they do call me in before then, I really shouldn't complain. This evening is the second time this week that I've gotten an unexpected night off.  So I'm a lucky girl either way.  For Ryan's sake, I really hope he doesn't have to drive me in and drop me off.  (The hospital parking lots are not safe at this hour.) And he's two days short on sleep as it is.

On-call nights help me get more things done at home. I have this idea that if I'm lazy and spend the time on Facebook, providence will make that phone ring. Perhaps that's more my own superstition. 

These extra hours do feel like a gift, and I don't want to throw them away. On the other hand, you can't become engrossed in anything that can't be put down immediately if the call comes. It's hard to relax.

----- 3 -----

Last time I was on call, I budgeted out the next month and paid the bills weeks ahead of time. I also discovered online bill pay with my bank. It's always been there, but I had never used it.  I wonder how they offer that service for free. After all, it's costing the bank (instead of me) the postage stamp and paper check.  And yet, the bank still charges a fee for electronic transfers. What gives?

----- 4 -----

This week, Snapfish was having a sale on photo books. I made three with a 70% coupon and saved $150. I made one for my nieces, one for honeymoon pictures, and yet another book of wedding pictures.

Meaning, another wedding book in addition to the one I made two months ago.  The first one I made with Blurb, which has much, much better graphic design capabilities. However, I didn't survey enough samples before I made book #1. Only after it was published I saw some really awesome photo books and wanted to remake mine. The first one was also more of a gift to the parents, and I spent hours trying to balance out the coverage of each family. This second time around, I just had fun with asymmetrical layouts and matching colors. But alas, the coupon was not for Blurb.

----- 5 -----

I really like the idea of making a family photo book each year. 'Suppose 2012 is more than covered now.

----- 6 -----

My mom is totally right about something: It never hurts to ask. Be sweet, suck up to Customer Service, and see what happens.  My said coupon expired 2 days ago. But I told a Snapfish service rep I couldn't finish the project on time because their site had been down for maintenance at 2am Wednesday morning (it was.) So she extended the deal. They keep my business; I get my books.

----- 7 -----

10 minutes to go before I can sleep in peace. Here's hoping everyone stays healthy tonight! Ryan just got out the shower, and wafting in from the bedroom is that Old Spice smell .

You know, if your grandfather hadn't been wearing it, you wouldn't be here.


  1. One for your nieces meaning . . . ?

  2. I love #7. I think it's probably true, too, because my grandfather and my dad both wear/wore Old Spice.

  3. I love Old Spice, too. :) And I think your mom is right about long as you ask nicely, right?

  4. I remembered what you said about Snapfish. Check out what I just went through. Not sure it was worth the $10, but I knew you'd be proud of me.

    Thanks for chatting with us. A customer service agent will be with you right away.

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    Kaja: Hi laura,

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    laura: I wanted to order yesterday so I could get the 3 for 1 calendar deal that expired yesterday.

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    laura: I contacted customer service last night via email. I didn't hear back until this morning.

    laura: I tried a different web browser and that seemed to work.

    Kaja: Please give me a moment.

    laura: Anyway, I was wonderng if you could apply the 3 for 1 deal for me today?

    Kaja: I will check your account details. Kindly hold on for a moment.

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    Kaja: Are we still connected laura ?

    laura: yes.

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    laura: Would ask a manager about this for me?

    Kaja: I'm consulting my supervisor to better assist you. Please give me some time so that I can get the best possible resolution for your concern.


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