Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A change I can believe in

Since I can't change the president, I reckoned I'd change my nail polish. Blogging about such a subject is something I do with hesitation. Ryan's eyes are rolling already. But what the hell: it's election night, and America clearly favors style over substance. 
So I proceed . . . 

Last week or so, I had the bright idea of going pale pink with sparkles. Aren't the bottles lovely?

Alas, the glitter looks best in the bottle. 
It dried into silver-gray splotches, and the end effect was really ghetto. 

But I have not given up on bling bling. 
Curious to check out our new Ulta store (which did not disappoint), 
I found this bottle of "Red Carpet." 
It's a rich, deep red like an autumn apple, and its sparkle is perfectly subtle. 
This "Star-Spangled" would have been my second choice:

To get the old stuff off, it took vigorous scrubbing with 100% acetone 
and almost as much time as it's taking to call Florida.  

But I'm happy with the end result. 

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  1. Nice red! I just discovered Ulta a few weeks ago, myself. If you sign up for their rewards card, you get their email updates, which I think might be worthwhile. They're always running specials.