Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Outdoors

Friday night we camped out at Fort Pickens with one of our best'est friends.

I played more with the photo apps on my phone.

Will you look at that handsome subject:

Some early 1900's battery-thingy-ruins that Ryan can explain.
Great sunset view from on top of it, whatever it was.

If we want a steak, we have to go camping, for alas we live in a no-grill zone.

The Gulf was like a great big kiddie pool: shallow and pee-warm . . . almost.

Swivel camera feature: You can take a picture of yourself and
 look like you're shooting something in front of you. Brilliant.

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  1. Pee-warm? Lol! I am having flashbacks to moments in the pool when suddenly you swim through a "hot spot."