Monday, September 3, 2012


My old flip phone died well over a month ago and has yet to be replaced. Honestly I haven't missed it much. I don't have time to use a phone at work, and at home I've got great internet with my laptop. My husband says he misses my phone more than I do, because now he has to field all the calls and messages people send me through his phone.  I'm not sure I buy that. Ryan is nosy . . . I mean Ryan is all about acquiring intel. Now he doesn't even have to be sneaky about it ;)

However, Hurricane Isaac was that oh so gentle reminder that I might need a portable communication device for real.  The storm ended up being nothing, but I could have been stranded at the hospital for days with no way of messaging anyone, save for a most indiscreet landline call from the nurses' desk. Ryan even had to buy me a plug-in alarm clock (the hospital is on a generator) so I could wake up in time for my shift.

My sister and I have been sharing a Verizon plan that we're fixing to ditch. Verizon has the best coverage, but it's so very expensive, even without data. And I'm done with contract plans: just let me pay up front for a phone, and charge me the real cost of service each month.

We are most intrigued by VirginMobile. You buy the phone at the full retail price, but there is no contract other than a month to month plan. For example, $55 a month gets you UNLIMITED talk, text, and data. I'm looking at a plan for 1200 minutes talk time (no free weekends/nights), with unlimited data/messaging for $40 a month. The big carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc) have nothing close to that. It looks like T-mobile is the closest competitor, but Virgin still beats them by a few bucks.

The only drawback I see at this point is that VirginMobile is powered by Sprint, and their coverage is not so hot around here. We do get a decent Sprint signal at our home, so I'm deciding to give this plan a try.

But I'm not decided on a device just yet. I wasn't in the market for a smart phone: when I have time to be online, my laptop is just fine. But VirginMobile's data plans are so cheap. There's not much of a cost difference between the talk/text only plans and the data plans. Also, Ryan and I share one laptop. It's been no problem over the summer, but as school is starting, it would be nice to have an alternate means of checking Facebook or e-mail while he's typing a paper.

So I was pretty close to buying an HTC Evo last night, but--per a money saving strategy of mine--I thought I'd sleep on the idea first.

Alas, I wake up and want an iPhone. I mean, they are the way of the future and all. And everyone loves his iPhone. Judging from a gazillion reviews, apparently there is no other purchase which guarantees so much happiness.

Then I told myself that, for less money, I could just buy another laptop. But that wouldn't be portable and fit in my pocket. And I wouldn't have Siri to answer my questions like an indentured servant (or "my own mini Yoda," as one reviewer put it). Yoda in your purse. The force at your fingertips. An 8 mega pixel camera. I think I'm sold.

How quickly I go from being content without even a dumb phone to wanting the best and most expensive smart phone.

But, speaking of Yoda, this is what a little voice is actually saying right now: am I courageous enough to be counter-cultural? Can I resist the force of Steve Jobs?

But hey, doesn't one month without any phone earn me some slack? I think it does.


  1. So have you ordered it yet? I'm liking mine so far. I HATE having to learn a new device, but the iPhone is really user-friendly, even for me. Maybe there's something to it after all.

  2. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow when I'm off work. Or maybe by then I'll ease my desires back to some cheaper phone. Either way, I need to commit to some new phone before the week is out.

  3. I was really embarrassed when I caved. I bought the black cover so that it would cover up the Apple symbol on the back and I tried to hide the fact that I had gone to the dark side -- I managed to do so successfully for several weeks. But I admit, I really like it. I had used a Droid for awhile, but it was really finicky and unpredictable. The iPhone is much more user friendly and just seems to be a better product..... as much as I hate to admit it. There are things I don't like about it, but all-in-all, I don't regret it for a minute.

  4. Rob likes his Samsung phone... I like my Galaxy Tab. We have TMobile. We had Virgin in Canada - it was nice I guess - but we had to leave before our bills paid enough to pay for the phone - so we had to buy it outright. *sigh*. iPhones are nice, but idontPhone many people, so - I'm content.