Monday, August 6, 2012

Take a seat!

I had fun hunting for chairs yesterday. Recently we scored on a nice, solid wood 6-seater dining table for $39 (new/floor model). Problem is, I had no idea chairs would be so expensive. I'll be paying much more for chairs then I did for the table itself. I found two brown metal chairs at Big Lots for $30 a piece. They have padded seats and are actually pretty comfortable. I can't find another 2 like them, but I'm okay with mix-matching.

I need 4 more seats. I LOVE the upholstered patterns at Pier1, but there's no way I'm spending that much. The pintucking look is also pretty classy:

Blue Damask. Reminds me of Meme's blue bedroom.
Re$toration Hardware
Even TJ.Max/ HomeGoods didn't have anything economical. Getting home, I checked some pieces on Target's and Walmart's websites. They sell everything online--so much more than you'll ever see in their stores. A lot of their furniture is not cheap, but it's definitely less pricey than Pier1 / West Elm / Pottery Barn etc. Craigslist hasn't turned too much stuff up, and I don't like the idea of getting something upholstered second hand. Forget bed bugs, what if they have MRSA or something? Eeew. You can't disinfect soft surfaces very well.


 And so many would definitely not go with the dining table, but they are awfully fun looking:

And the Meme sofa -- sweet! 
(My mom's mom slept in red lipstick)

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