Monday, August 6, 2012

Creamy Seafood Pasta with Caprese Salad

We made pasta last night and it was not bad. It was pretty simple too:

- 3 cloves smashed garlic cooked in about 1/3 stick of butter, to which I added . . .

- About 3 cups half and half, which thickened over low heat

- 1 cup white wine (which may have been a mistake; I think its acid made my cream curdle. Still tasted ok. Maybe I should have used clam juice instead.)

- Red pepper flakes, salt and cracked black pepper to taste.

- When the sauce was thick and bubbly, I turned the heat up a little and quickly cooked a half pound of peeled/butterflied shrimp and 5 scallops in the sauce.

As soon as the seafood was cooked, I turned off the heat and mixed in cooked linguine. Linguine is my favorite pasta shape. Its flat sides give sauce more surface to stick to, but it's less chunky than fettuccine and still dose okay with lighter sauces. I think I used about 1/2 to 2/3's pound of pasta in its dry weight.

- Tossed in a little over 1 cup minced fresh parsley and a handful of white cheese. I had mozzarella, but I think Parmesan would have been better.

We served it with a Chardonnay, bread, and a salad. I don't like Chardonnay much, but it tends to have a buttery flavor that works with milk-based dishes. I think the tannins in a red wine would have clashed with the cream taste.

I found yellow tomatoes at Publix grocery. It made a pretty kind of Caprese salad laid (layed?) over greens / arugula /  red onion / olives / capers and a vinaigrette. 

I love arugula, it has so much flavor.

All together, it easily served Ryan, Bubba, and me, + some leftovers.