Monday, July 2, 2012

I want sexy back

Ok. I can understand people looking "sexy" so I totally understand clothes and other apparel being described as such.

But I don't understand how "sexy" has become just another adjective synonymous with "hip" or "cool" or "chic."

There once was a catering company here in town called "Big Sexy Foods." I love food, but it really doesn't/shouldn't have immediate sex appeal. I mean, wow, those pigs in a blanket really turn me on? Wait, nevermind.

Today Microsoft is advertising its updated Internet Explorer as "Safer and Sexier." Sounds like a Planned Parenthood slogan, but it's just your normal web browser. As if a web browser was ever sexy or could be.  My rant has nothing to do with the common complaint that media is overly sensual, but rather that "sexy" and crudites have nothing in common. English majors, y'all need to tackle this one because it's just obnoxious.

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