Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Notice the new look on deck?

"Fine. I'll let you off this one time. The next time you appear in my court, you will look lawyerly . . . And that suit had better be made out of some sort of... cloth. You understand me?" 

I haven't been able to catch many of the London games at all so far, but something did catch my eye in my favorite sport . . .


No, I don't mean the bulging muscles or smooth skin.

Well, yes. Skin. They're wearing regular swim suits! A while back, I had heard that FINA (supreme court of international swimming) was fixing to take a stand against the "sharkskin"or NASA-perfected-polyurethane/neoprene-swimsuits popular at the Beijing Olympics. 

It looks like that move materialized.

It's not a freak of nature that there were 43 world records set at the international swimming championship in Rome in 2009 . It was just a plethora of unnaturally buoyant swimsuits--banned later in 2010:

 Full Body Swimsuit Now Banned for Professional Swimmers -- Kristine Wong, ABC News

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